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  September 25th 2011

Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin

who transformed post Soviet Rusia by imposing Kremlin control over most public aspects of public life .It was announced on Saturday the Prime Minister could assume the grand rule over the land well into 2024 . Comparable to length to that of that of Stalin or Brezhnev.President Demitri A Medevedev will step aside in March where Vladimir V. Putim will be assured of winning.What seems like a deal that has been made years ago in the fine halls of over 11,000 gatherers there was applaud heard over the news and people was happy over the news.Evidently there has been a reset on affairs with the United States President Obama and the Soviet Union President A Medevedev. One can only hope these global leaders has are best interest in mind .Putin  served as Russias president during 2000 -2008. By:Cyndi

  for further reading   September 25th 2011

Yom Tov Ben Moshe Tzahalon born in 1559 it is not clear where h was born how ever maybe having descendants from Spain.   A student of Moses Ben Joseph Trani  a 16th century rabbi Safed ,Palestine. Since the sixteenth century Safed has been known as one of Judaism four holy cities . In the Northern District.of Isreal. Safed is known for Kaballah and is the center of jewish mysticism.Yom Tov Tzahalon known also as the Maharitatz wrote responsa .A collection of responsa is Latin for plural for responsum " answers" questions and answers and comprise the body of written decisons and rulings given descisors of jewish law.Some of these are written by Yom Tov Tzahalon he was the author of a commentary of the book of Esther.Entitled Lachach Tov.He was the author of a novella and resonsa called Yom Tov.Among others . He ddied in 1638. By:Cyndi

  More about Eyebright  September 25th 2011


Euphrasia or Eyebright is a genus or biologicol classification of 450 species of herbaceous floweing plants.Eyebright is the common name referred to the plant used to treat eye infections.Many of the species are found where now is common somewhere where there is sub alpine or alpine meadows.The Eyebright has a color to its petal usually of purple,blue-white and violet. Some species has a yellow marking on its lower petal to act as a guide to polinating insects. Augentrostkraut, Euphrasiae herba, Herba Euphrasiae and Herbe d'Euphraise.are some of the alternate names of Eye bright. The plant was known to classical herbalists but wasnt referred to till 1305. Nicholas Culpeper  assigned the plant Eyebright to the zodiac sign Leo. Claiming that it strengthened the brain.Bad Memory and veritigo or dizziness was also used with this flowery plant symptons to ease temporal issues.Eyestrain,colds,caughs,hayfever,sinus infection and vision disturbstance a tea is brewed. By:Cyndi

 for recipe instructions  September 25th 2011

  Avacodos The avacoda(Persea Amercina) is a flowering plant classified in the Laureaceae family along with cinnamon camphor and bay laurel. It contains a singel seed and is also known as the alligator pear.                                                                                                                                  1/4 cup pesto for grilling

2 pieces of dark rye bread per sandwich

3 slices of swiss cheese per sandwich

1-2 slices of tomato per sandwich

1-2 slices of pastrami per sandwich for the carnivores

avocado  Spread a thin layer of pesto on both pieces of bread and place pesto side down on a skillet at medium high heat.  Layer the swiss cheese (divided between the two slices of bread).  Add the tomatoes to one side, and then the pastrami or avocado.  Put both halves together and grill, turning occasionally until the cheese has melted and you have a nice crisp toast.  I usually add a dab more pesto to the top piece of toast when I'm done.  It gives it a little more depth of flavor and adds a nice fresh green finish.   Serve warm.By:Cyndi



  Omraam Mikhael Aivnhov                          Wiki-Omraam Micheal Aivanhov 

was a Bulgarian philospher,alchemist,mystic and astrologer.he was a desciple of Peter Deunov the founder of the Universal of Whitebrotherhood.Aivanhov's philosophy teaches that everybody regardless of race, religion,social position, intellectual ability or material means is able to take part in a new period of brotherhood and peace on earth.We see the realization of Jesus's kingdom of God coming on earth.Aivanhov's teachings is largely rooted in the Christian path but from an esoteric aspect- the inner teachings of Jesus.By:Cyndi





In Japan green tea is commonly known as just "tea".Sometimes referred to as Japanese tea. Green tea first origionated from China, however it is drank in other cultures such as Asia and the middle east. It was first used in China during the Song dynasty and brought to the Japenese by a priest,Myoan Eisai was his name he also introduced Rinzai school of Zen Buddism. It is broad catorgies with green tee and the prices vary in quantity and quality."Steeping" or "brewing" is the process called to making a good cup of tea. A good quality of tea can be steeped three times. Green tea has his origions in China as long as 3,000 years ago it can be used for drinking as well as medicine. The Zen priest Esia written the book of tea explainging tea is helpful for the five vital organs especially the heart. Tanabata Japanese Organic Green Tea        Wiki- Green Tea    By:Cyndi  



  Raymond Llull

was a writer and philosopher ..He wrote the first major  work of Catalan liteture.Catalan liteture is written during the middlle ages and it is Catalan language with romance.he saw a vision five times of Jesus on the cross while sitting on his bed one night writing a song of a girl he foolishly loved.In 1265 he had a religious epiphany. His first major work  Art Abreujada d'Atrobar Veritat (The Abbreviated Art of Finding Truth) was written in Catalan and later translated to Latin.He wrote about alechemy, botnany and Ars Magna.Lull's Llibre d'Amic e d'Amat (Book of the Friend and Beloved) is included in Blanquerna .written in Catlan and the first Europeon novel. Llull studied languages in Spain to convert Muslims to Christianity. He even wrote books in Arabic. His mission was to convert the jews of Europe and to relieve christendon of any jewish presence. LLull traveled thru Europe visiting popes, kings and princes his mission was to start a special college to prepare missionaries to convert the infidels of Tunis to christianity. Raymond Llull had a strong mystical side he wrote about it in his book the Lover and the Beloved. Interesed in astrology he also wrote about it.Llull has written over 265 works.                               Wiki-Raymond LLull BY: Cyndi


On March 11th 2011 a earthquake hit northern Japan the magnitude of 9.0. It caused widespread destruction and damaged a nuclear power plant in the event of the earthquake a tsunamis had occured. A power company official said Sunday radiation tested in a pool of water are ten million times normal.A industrial safety agency reports millisieverts of radiation and the workers must leave the plant. Work there has stopped until plans there to address the issue. The process to start removing pooled water from site number 2 has been planned for later on Sunday. An official with Japans nuclear safety agency told reporters. By Cyndi



Libya is not a "vital national interest" to the United States but  is of interest in because it threatens to destabalize the Middle East is what press secreatary Robert Gates said today.On NBC's meet the press Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates was interviewed and he was quoted saying Libya "is a part of the (Middle East) region, which is a vital interest for the United States," Appearing on ABC's this week he was cited saying "the engagement of the Arabs, the engagement of the Europeans, the general humanitarian question that was at stake." Gates and Clinton made the rounds on talk shows before the President addresses the nation Monday night at 7:30.

Gates urged viewers not to "underestimate the potential for elements of the regime themselves to crack," and suggested that Qaddafi's days were numbered.

"I'd just underscore: the military attacks began essentially a week ago, last Saturday night," he said. "I wouldn't be hanging any new pictures if I were him." IN further news some believe it will take months to complete. By:Cyndi

September 25th

Joy Like a River

If I had joy like a river,

I would glady share it with you

But rage gets in the way

And keeps me from the truth.

If I had peace beyond comprehension

My love would never die

But pain is always with me

And makes me want to cry

If I had the greatest of these

You would be my focus

But I am full of weeds

Left by the locusts

But I am so resigned

To diffuculity and strian

And its hard to live life

When you cant even trust your brain. By: Tom Smith  

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Dolphins evolved recently living as far back as 10 million years ago. The Greeks was one of the first seafaring nations.Dolphins appear in Classical liteture.And they also appear on murals and paintings inside bathroom walls in the palace of Knossos  in Crete , dating 1600 B.C.The Greek poets wrote of the Dolphins.Homer's Hyme to Apollo tells of the God Apollo searching for a place to build his temple and finally finds it at what is known as the temple at Delphi.

And whereas I first, in the misty sea, sprung aboard the swift ship in the guise of a dolphin, therefore pray to me as Apollo Delphinus.Like most myths its a story told in code.Delphis the Greek word for dolphin is a very similar word to Delphys meaning womb.In the rock city of Petra hidden in a cliff is the carving of a dolphin in the Jordian Desert.The dolphin already had a place in oral Cretan stories.Palestine, Mesopataminian and Rome there was art and sculpture of the dolphin.They were important but why?The Greek god Dionys tells a story about dolphins and the constellation of delphinis , the dolphin can't be seen in Greece during the months of November and May. The hunting of dolphins is immoral. The Chinese River dolphin, the Indus River dolphin, and the orca/killer whale are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act By: Cyndi.

   September 25th 2011


Come to the surfuce

And let me sing the blues

Let me Be at Peace

While I still where these shoes

All the hate

And all the gall

Needs a cleansing flood

From just a flood

From just a drop

of Jesus blood

Big river needs a flood,

while I sit by

and sweat blood

I try to be tough

And I try to love

But slamming into a brick wall

Is what is sent me

When I petition what's up above

So tears please come

And wash my pain away

Because I don't want

another gloomy day.

By; Tom Smith